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Filled with a healthy combination of cool cotton,wool and cashmere, you can rely on the Luna 1500 to deliver an extra comfortable night’s sleep.

The Luna mattress,…

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Filled with a healthy combination of cool cotton,wool and cashmere, you can rely on the Luna 1500 to deliver an extra comfortable night’s sleep.

The Luna mattress, with 1500 pockets,is designed to reduce the transference of movement between partners. The pocket springs are ergonomically designed to provide excellent orthopaedic support.


Hand Side Stitching -
Hand Side Stitched Mattresses are made using a long upholstery needle. It is made by stitching the perimeter edge of springs, the fillings, and the fabric border of the mattress together. This is a traditional process that is only in the realms of the highest skilled craftsmen and can only be completed by hand. This technique is very time consuming but pays dividends as will increase the lifespan of a mattress and offer edge to edge support.
 With a super soft Cotton Damask cover , perfectly placed handles, vents and hand-tufted buttons, the Luna 1500 mattress is utterly luxurious.


Pocket 1500 - 
2 Rows of Hand Side stitching 
1500 Pocket Springs
Natural Wool, Natural Cotton, Natural Silk and Natural Cashmere Fillings
Cotton Damask Covers
Flag Stitched Handles
29.5cm Deep

What is a pillowstop?

A pillowstop is the rebated section of headboard that sits behind the mattress so the padded section that starts above the mattress looks conjoined with the bed below. It’s called a pillowstop because it prevents the pillows falling down the back of the bed!

What is studding?

Studding is a decorative nailhead that is applied to some design of headboards.

Why can’t I have a high headboard fitted to the bed? 

Very large headboards or headboards that begin from the floor cannot be fitted to the bed because they are either too heavy and will be unstable or they will obstruct the fittings on the bed.

Where do I measure from?

Each headboard design is different. Options are explained on the height options.




Reinforced Border 
A metal edging system which sits around the edge of the mattress and provides a rigid side structure. This was developed to counter the damage that is created by sitting on the sides of the mattress. The Border acts similar to Hand Side Stitching in that it maximises the surface area of the mattress, increases the rigidity of the sides, and maximises the life of the product.
Memory Foam:
Memory foam gives a very luxurious feel to a mattress. Because memory foam is not very breathable it will hold the heat more around the body so please be advised that if you are a warm sleeper this will probably not be suitable for you. When opening a brand new memory foam mattress you will find that it will give off a slight odour. This is just the fire retardant spray. The smell usually goes within a few days but can sometimes take up a to couple of weeks.
Turning of mattresses:
A double-sided mattress will need to be turned and rotated once a week for the first 2 – 3 months. After this period we would recommend that you turn monthly. A single sided mattress will still need to be turned weekly for the first 2 – 3 months and monthly afterwards but you would only rotate head to toe. This spreads the weight evenly over the mattress which will prolong the life of the mattresses.
Pocket Springs:
- The more pocket springs in the mattress the better. When there is more pocket springs you are putting less pressure on each spring meaning it works less so will naturally last longer.
- Cotton Fillings – Cotton acts as a natural coolant to the body so will give you a cooler nights sleep. Also absorbs moisture very well.
- Wool Fillings – Absorbs Moisture very well. Each person sweats half a pint of moisture during a nights sleep. Wool absorbs the sweat and evaporates.This will again prolong the life of a mattress because the water won’t seep through to the rest of the fillings.
- Cashmere Fillings – Cashmere is a soft wool which gives a soft and luxurious feel to the mattress, only found on premium mattresses due to the cost of it.
- Silk Filling – Like cashmere, silk is only found on premium products. Again gives a softer and more luxurious feel to the top of the mattress
- Ticking on natural mattresses is a woven damask cover. Damask covers are very breathable which allows moisture to escape the mattress easily. It will also give a cooler feel because of the breathability.
- All our mattresses are handmade British mattresses use traditional techniques.
Bamboo Filling
- Bamboo fibre is a green natural fibre. It can replace the raw fibre materials, such as organic fibre, jute, sisal hemp, etc. It can be applied in many fields, such as home textile, bedding, underwear, sportswear, etc. Bamboo fibre finished products have become rather popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US and European market. Bamboo fibre’s microstructure can enhance the coolness and breathability of bamboo finished product. Bamboo fibre can indulge you in its unrivalled softness. Its absorption can take up to 4 times more moisture than cotton. Natural antibacterial elements in bamboo fibre keep bacteria away



We know your time is precious so we try to take as much out of the hassle of delivery as possible.


Unlike many upholstery companies we manufacture all of our products ourselves in our production premises here in the UK. We operate our own in-house delivery team within zone one (London and some home counties).This means we can deliver carefully and without excessive delays that many retailers experience with importing goods. We aim to deliver within 6 weeks from the point order. For remote places this may be a little longer. If you are not ready to accept delivery, let us know as soon as possible and we will store your items at our production premises until you advise further. Contact us for current lead times.

Delivery on all orders received over £500 to mainland UK range from £65 zone 1 and £75 for zone 2. Please contact us for prices for zone 3. For orders under £400 the very most you will pay is £65. 


We have delivered to lots of interesting places in Europe from Ibiza to Switzerland. For shipping costs please advise of the item you are interested in purchasing and we will try to be as competetive as possible. Alternatively you can arrange your own shipping.

No Hassle

We deliver to the room of your choice and, for a small surcharge of £60, we can unpack,assemble your bed base and remove all the packaging . We do not offer a wall mounting fitting service.

For bed assembly we require the following: 

  1. Available parking and driveways are clear for when our van arrives.  
  2. Removing any fixtures and fittings and furnture that may cause obstruction whilst carrying out your assembly.
  3. Important: Please ensure that for any large items ordered you have measured correctly to ensure a successful delivery not only in the room they are to go in but also consider the access to the room in question (e.g. stairs). If you are in any doubt please contact us and we will try to help you.
  4. Flooring down.The bed must be constructed in the room it is to be situated. It cannot be constructed in one room and then moved to another.
  5. Our delivery team are not able to move or remove any furniture.


For Zone 1 we usually deliver on Fridays with a 2 hour timeframe. If this is a problem please let us know in advance so we can arrange an alternative option.

For zone 2 and 3 you will be contacted by our freighting company to arrange a convenient time for delivery.

Quality Guarantee

How often have you looked forward to receiving something only to find it damaged or not working? Well our skilled furniture craftsmen based at our UK manufacturing facility not only take great pride in what they do but equally instill a stringent quality control procedure to ensure that you receive your furniture in tip top condition. Of course, we are only human and very occasionally one might slip the net but we always resolve any problem very quickly. Please take a moment to look at our testimonials or our product reviews.  

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