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What is a pillowstop?

A pillowstop is the rebated section of headboard that sits behind the mattress so the padded section that starts above the mattress looks conjoined with the bed below. It’s called a pillowstop because it prevents the pillows falling down the back of the bed!

What is studding?

Studding is a decorative nailhead that is applied to some design of headboards.

Why can’t I have a high headboard fitted to the bed? 

Very large headboards or headboards that begin from the floor cannot be fitted to the bed because they are either too heavy and will be unstable or they will obstruct the fittings on the bed.

Where do I measure from?

Each headboard design is different. Options are explained on the height options.




Reinforced Border 
A metal edging system which sits around the edge of the mattress and provides a rigid side structure. This was developed to counter the damage that is created by sitting on the sides of the mattress. The Border acts similar to Hand Side Stitching in that it maximises the surface area of the mattress, increases the rigidity of the sides, and maximises the life of the product.
Memory Foam:
Memory foam gives a very luxurious feel to a mattress. Because memory foam is not very breathable it will hold the heat more around the body so please be advised that if you are a warm sleeper this will probably not be suitable for you. When opening a brand new memory foam mattress you will find that it will give off a slight odour. This is just the fire retardant spray. The smell usually goes within a few days but can sometimes take up a to couple of weeks.
Turning of mattresses:
A double-sided mattress will need to be turned and rotated once a week for the first 2 – 3 months. After this period we would recommend that you turn monthly. A single sided mattress will still need to be turned weekly for the first 2 – 3 months and monthly afterwards but you would only rotate head to toe. This spreads the weight evenly over the mattress which will prolong the life of the mattresses.
Pocket Springs:
- The more pocket springs in the mattress the better. When there is more pocket springs you are putting less pressure on each spring meaning it works less so will naturally last longer.
- Cotton Fillings – Cotton acts as a natural coolant to the body so will give you a cooler nights sleep. Also absorbs moisture very well.
- Wool Fillings – Absorbs Moisture very well. Each person sweats half a pint of moisture during a nights sleep. Wool absorbs the sweat and evaporates.This will again prolong the life of a mattress because the water won’t seep through to the rest of the fillings.
- Cashmere Fillings – Cashmere is a soft wool which gives a soft and luxurious feel to the mattress, only found on premium mattresses due to the cost of it.
- Silk Filling – Like cashmere, silk is only found on premium products. Again gives a softer and more luxurious feel to the top of the mattress
- Ticking on natural mattresses is a woven damask cover. Damask covers are very breathable which allows moisture to escape the mattress easily. It will also give a cooler feel because of the breathability.
- All our mattresses are handmade British mattresses use traditional techniques.
Bamboo Filling
- Bamboo fibre is a green natural fibre. It can replace the raw fibre materials, such as organic fibre, jute, sisal hemp, etc. It can be applied in many fields, such as home textile, bedding, underwear, sportswear, etc. Bamboo fibre finished products have become rather popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US and European market. Bamboo fibre’s microstructure can enhance the coolness and breathability of bamboo finished product. Bamboo fibre can indulge you in its unrivalled softness. Its absorption can take up to 4 times more moisture than cotton. Natural antibacterial elements in bamboo fibre keep bacteria away



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